Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Making of a Block of the Month Doo Rag Quilt

I had a unique opportunity arise a little over a year ago.  My daughter left over 50 Doo Rags at my house.  She is a motorcycle enthusiast and did not have a use for carrying that many Doo Rags with her.  So, what to do with that many Doo Rags?

How about a quilt?  I've seen many T-Shirt Quilts using biker's t-shirts they have acquired over their many miles they have traveled.  I've seen T-Shirt Quilts made from kid's athletic events they have participated in.  However, I have never seen a Doo Rag Quilt!  Well, if you have not seen one before - here is my version of a Doo Rag Quilt!  I joined with two friends taking turns creating a 'Block of the Month' for one year (2014).  I have used one fabric, white with dotted peace symbols, to carry through all blocks.  Otherwise, each block is made completely of doo rags.  I will start with each block.

January - Snowball 

February - Ohio Star

March - Lady of the Lake 2

April - Four Winds

May - Aunt Dinah

June - Winged 4-patch

July - Shooting Star

August - The Alamo

September - Castle in the Air

October - Maple Leaf

November - Waterwheel Variation

December - Star and Pinwheels
So, now you have seen all the blocks that make up my Doo Rag Quilt.  At the end of the year, I put all of the blocks together with multi-design/color 2 1/2 inch strips.  And this is the finished quilt . . .

Doo Rag Quilt

Back of Doo Rag Quilt

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