Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Remember Hosting the Tupperware Party?

Can you remember the days of the Tupperware Party?  You would invite your friends over for an afternoon of chitchat and games.  The Tupperware representative would put out an impressive display of Tupperware that any homemaker would love to own.  As a kind Hostess, you would fix a lite snack before letting your friends choose the Tupperware of their dreams. 

Welcome to 2015!  No longer do we invite our friends into our homes.  Instead, we make our contact via cell phones and computers/social media, to name a few.  The latest enlightenment is the party by Facebook.  I am holding a Pampered Chef party via Facebook.  I set up an event and invited my friends.  I gave them around 10 days to peruse the PC catalog and place their order.  They were able to choose to have their choice shipped to their very own door.  My only question is ~ how do I serve the punch and cookies?

So, here is the invite to my party, yeah, there is only 2 days left and if you would like to order, you must make your decision quickly.  So, if you would like to see what that looks like, here is the link to my party.;jsessionid=8CDE92D77DDAD811F82F7BA4AE18FC89

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